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Sex is something very important in human life. Sex is not only on the physical activity sexual intercourse between men and women but also the problem of insider knowledge about ourselves as a man or woman. That is why talking about sex with children is very important.

If the child does not get scientific knowledge about sex from the parents then they will get it from another source that is not necessarily true. The right time to talk about sex with children is when they enter adolescence or when going into junior high school.

What is the importance of talking sex with children?

Talking about sex with children is very important to help them develop healthy sexual behaviors and be responsible for any consequences of sexual activity they do. Talking openly about sex with children also helps children get correct information about sexuality. If they learn from other sources, not necessarily what they learn it properly or in accordance with the norms prevailing in the family. On the other hand, they also must know the consequences of sexual activity they do, such as pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and emotional factors that accompany it.

If talk of sex with children, are never even make them want to do this?

It is important for children to understand the feelings associated with sexual problems before they actually actively doing it. Facts prove, teens who like to talk about sex with their parents less often fall into promiscuity and would prefer a healthy sexual activity.

What should be known to the child about sex?

First of all, focus on the problem of sex. Here are some of grip that you can use when talking about sex with children.

Tell us about the anatomy of men and women.
Explain about sexual relationships and pregnancy.
Explain about fertility and family planning.
Tell us about other forms of sexual activity like oral sex, masturbation and petting.
Explain to the right of sexual orientation as heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual.
Tell us about the emotional aspects of sex such as the differences between men and women.
Explain about sexually transmitted diseases.
Tell us about the rape, including dangerous conditions that can facilitate drunken rape and its danger to go to a strange place with someone who is not yet well known.
Explain how to choose clothes that do not arouse sexual desire partner.

How does talking about sex with children?

Many parents are not comfortable talking about sex with children. The way yes as a parent you must learn and practice before actually talking to kids about sex. Make sure you can be a good listener and take fully into account when your child to talk. Many children are embarrassed to discuss sex with parents so as parents you do not talk directly to the topic. Try to find a good moment, for example when viewing scenes in TV or movies. Remember to keep your children's privacy and trust entirely to them to decide what is best for himself.

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