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Central Sulawesi Province is beautiful region with its mountain; lakes and dales decorate this area. All the things are tourism potency that becomes a fascination for tourist to visit it. The fascination of main tourism in Central Sulawesi is megalith omission area of historic epoch, which stay in Bada and Besoa, however the natural beauty and sociability of its public become valuable asset for the tourism expansion in this area. Central Sulawesi is one of regional in Indonesia that has compatible solidarity between natural beauties, cultural properties and long history.

With the Government system development and people demand in Reformation era who wish the spin-offs of the region become regency, hence the Central government release policy through the constitution number 11 in 2000 about the change of the constitution number 51 in 1999 about the forming of Buol regency, Morowali regency and Banggai Island. Then through the constitution number 10 in 2002 by Central government had formed new regency in Central Sulawesi Province named Parigi Moutong regency. Thereby finite, based on the spin-offs of regency area in Central Sulawesi Propinsi, Become nine region named:

  1. Donggala Regency in Donggala
  2. Poso Regency in Poso
  3. Banggai Regency in Luwuk
  4. Toli-toli Regency in Toli-toli
  5. Palu city domicile in Palu
  6. Buol Regency in Buol
  7. Morowali Regency in Kolonodale
  8. Banggai Archipelago Regency in Banggai
  9. Parigi Moutong Regency in Parigi

Central Sulawesi Province being formed with the constitution number 13 in 1964 laying between 2022' North Latitude and 3048' South Latitude and 119022' East Longitudes. Its region Boundaries is:
North side: Gorontalo Province
Eastside: Maluku Province
Side South: South Sulawesi Province and South-East Sulawesi Province.
Westside: Makassar Strait

The area wide of Central Sulawesi Province is 68033 Km2. Administratively, Central Sulawesi Province divided into eight regencies and one town with 85 Districts dan1432 village with number of residents' 2.215.449 men and density of average level is 29 men/Km2. While the resident growth rate equal to 2,59%. While the resident of Central Sulawesi Province who resided in settlement area of hinterland is 30% coastal area is 60% and archipelago area is 10%.

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